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Finally getting back to normal around here

Finally getting back to normal around here

Life still happens if you have an ostomy or not.  The flooding rain from Hurricane Harvey flooded our home and corporate office on August 29, 2017. Getting a boat ride from your front door with your family and a backpack is a surreal experience.  See picture here of the rescue crew getting ready to pick us up.  Thankfully StomaGear manufacturing facility is a few hours north of us and wasn't affected at all.  So the business didn't skip a beat for new orders.  

Fast forward and we finally moved back in to our home last month in May 2018.  My wife and I did a lot of the remodeling work ourselves, so it took a little longer than the pros.  But its worth it.  We were able to fix things up the way we always dreamed about.  Just some improvements to make the home work better for us.  

Home remodeling is tough work.  Even a small project.  But doing any home improvement task with a ostomy bag can be daunting.  There is no way I could have not injured myself without my stoma guard, the StomaShield.  Just simply leaning on a ladder the wrong way, or picking up a heavy box against your abdomen, is frustrating (or painful) without a stoma guard.  That's why I always keep my stoma guard on, day and night.  Because you never know when you will need stoma protection.  Take care of your stoma the right way and you will never have to worry about it!

It's so nice to be home now and getting back to normal.  It was quite a journey to get back here.  Thankfully most of the stuff we lost in the flood was just that, stuff.  It all can be replaced.  More importantly our family is fine.  That is what's truly irreplaceable.