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Helping US Military Veterans with an Ostomy

Here at StomaGear, we are proud of all of our US Military Veterans.  Once we found out that we could help those Veterans who have an ostomy, we immediately registered our company with all the appropriate entities to do be able to do business with the federal government.  We have already helped many Veterans who benefited from the StomaShield. 

The process starts with the Veteran contacting their ostomy/wound care nurse through their VAMC hospital and tell them that you need the StomaShield made by StomaGear!  Don't forget to look up which size StomaShield you need and mention whether you have a left/right side stoma.  We will need that info in the order form that the VA sends to us.  If approved by the nurse and all other parties involved, the VA will pay for the StomaShield and then we will ship it directly to you!

The VA can cover the FULL COST of the StomaShield under most conditions.  If you are a Veteran, or know a Veteran who has an ostomy,  pass the word on. Recommend the StomaShield product to the VA nurses and surgeons so they can recommend this to other Veterans.  We want to improve the quality of life to as many of those as possible.

To all of our US Military Veterans, thank YOU for your service!

- Brian