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You asked, we listened. New and improved belt for the StomaShield is here!

One of the biggest requests we hear at StomaGear is asking if we have a wider belt.  I've actually been on the hunt since late 2015 to solve this very issue.  After tons of research and testing existing materials, I learned there is nothing commercially available (off the shelf) that has all the characteristics I would want.  So it had to be custom made for our application.  What I thought I was asking for was simple: elastic, soft, adjustable with velcro, silicone grip strip, latex free, then sewn through a simple triglide ring.  After talking with several medical grade manufacturers, I found one that could do it all.  That was 7-8 months ago.  That's how long it took to get here.  Getting a large manufacturer's attention requires a large, no huge, minimum order.  These kind of decisions can be quite risky for a small business.  However, I was confident that this is what I want, and more importantly what the customer wants.  I've been testing prototypes of this very belt for several months now.  I'm really excited to bring this to our past and future customers.  Yep, you heard that right, this will work perfectly with nearly all previous generations of the StomaShield going back almost 3 years.  As long as it has a 2" wide belt slots in the shield, this new belt will work great and be a tremendous upgrade.  We start shipping the new belt with all new orders immediately.  So we hope you check it out and give it a try.  We still stand by our 30 day money back guarantee.

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Ostomy adventures - Reason # 1,316 why you need a stoma guard

When wearing a stoma guard like the StomaShield everyday, you can be spontaneous. Spontaneous adventures are usually hard to do with an ostomy, otherwise. Earlier in the year (late April) my wife and I took a long road trip across the southwest.  From Texas to New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and back home.  An amazing journey that we have been dreaming about since we were married in 2012.  We camped nearly every night along the way not just to save money, but get out and enjoy nature at it's finest.  Car rides, or even road trips like this are so comfortable with the StomaShield stoma guard.

While we were in Zion National Park, Utah, my wife said, "I would love to go horseback riding".  A quick search found they have horseback rides in Zion.  We made a reservation for the next morning.  Our campsite was just outside the park, to avoid the crowds.  The next morning we were scrambling to get up the mountain to Zion....

  • Brian Hakel

As seen in the Phoenix Magazine...

It's been quite a journey.  I decided to share my personal story with the Phoenix Magazine and they put it on the front cover.  What an honor!  

If you are a subscriber, check out the March 2015 issue or online at

Don't let an ostomy get you down.  You can do anything with an ostomy.  Make today better than yesterday.  Tomorrow will be even better.

- Brian

StomaGear is growing (in more ways than one)!

2014 was a big year for us at StomaGear, as well as our family!  In October, we welcomed our first child into the family.  She is so cute, and big distraction too!  How can you resist? My amazing and beautiful wife, who handles many of the behind the scenes operations, was a trooper and still helped out nearly every day.  Even while pregnant, and now caring for the lil one. Somehow we managed to keep up with StomaGear business.  In 2014, we had over 400% growth over the previous year!  Even more amazing is we still maintained customer satisfaction.  This gives us even more confidence that the StomaShield design works great for a majority of the people with an ostomy.  We improved our shipping and processing times too.  Nearly all orders get shipped out the next business day.  We strive to deliver a better experience for our awesome customers.  Now, we look forward to what 2015 brings!  We hope everyone had a Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

- Brian

  • Brian Hakel

More StomaShield padding options!

StomaGear's innovative (adjustable/removable/low maintenance) padding system has worked for a far majority of our customers, with the 4mm and 8mm options. However, there were a few who wished there was a thicker padding option to clear those larger stomas and/or thicker output.  We listened, and custom ordered an even thicker version of the same padding in 12mm (nearly 1/2 inch). It took several months to get here, but it was worth the wait!  Now every new StomaShield order will get all 3 padding options. Simply remove and try each one to get that custom fit!  If you're already a StomaGear customer, the padding is also available separately in the StomaGear online store in the Optional Accessories section.

  • Brian Hakel

PRESS RELEASE: StomaGear introduces new and improved ostomy guard and clothing solution.

KATY, TEXAS (June 2, 2014): StomaGear, Inc., an innovator in ostomy protection and ostomy clothing solutions, will bring to market an improved guard on June 18th.

The new StomaShield material retains the lightweight properties of the previous StomaGear shield designs, but offers improved impact resistance and durability. Additionally, the shape of the shield provides greater clearance for the stoma allowing the output to channel more easily into the lower portion of the bag, even while sitting. The new shape will remain discreet, providing ample clearance without increasing the profile of the shield itself. 

People with an ostomy have a surgically-created opening (or stoma) for the discharge of bodily waste, commonly as a result of certain cancers or bowel disease. A majority of stomas are located within 2 inches above, or below, the waistline. The placement of the stoma often causes clothing and seat belts to interfere with the stoma, causing discomfort, and the bag, constricting the output. Without ostomy protection, everyday functions can be a significant challenge. 

“Living with an ostomy can be a very challenging experience,” said Brian Hakel, Founder and President of StomaGear, Inc. “After living with an ileostomy for 5 years and listening to so many other people with an ostomy, we realized that a large number of ostomy patients are in need of stoma protection and clothing solutions.”

StomaGear’s newest shield will be available for purchase on the StomaGear website at on June 18th.  The latest product will be showcased at the WOCN® Society's 46th Annual Conference June 22-25th for nurses to take a up close view.

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StomaGear’s mission is to provide everyday stoma protection and clothing solution to suit everyone with an ostomy. This involves creating a shield that is readily available, with 3 sizing options, and a 30-day money back guarantee. StomaGear has grown into a company helping people all over the world with an ostomy enjoy life again.
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  • Brian Hakel