StomaGear - StomaShield Stoma Guard

Enjoy $50 off stoma guard for a Limited Time!  No coupon required.  Normally $150.00!

When you purchase this StomaShield, it will come with everything you need: 

  • NOW ALL 3 StomaShield sizes are now INCLUDED (Small, Medium, and Large shields). Now you can find the right StomaShield fit the first time, without multiple exchanges, shipping back and forth, etc!
  • The new and improved belt (included with your order) is 2" wide, soft, elastic, latex free, anti-microbial, removable and washable, more secure, and just simply more comfortable than anything on the market.  We've removed the silicone grip that was on the previous version (no longer available) to make it even more comfortable to wear all day and all night!  It only comes in a 48" length belt, but is stretchy (up to 52") and overlaps to shrink down in size to 24". The entire outside of the belt is loop (fuzzy) velcro. This allows the belt to adjust down in size as the velcro overlaps and tightens.  Discreet belt and not bulky. 
  • 3 thicknesses of padding included (removable and washable) to increase the gap of your StomaShield over different size stomas (included are a set of 1/8”, 1/4" and 1/2" thick padding, or 4mm, 8mm and 12mm).  We include a set (of all thicknesses) for each size shield: Small, Medium, Large.  Just pick your shield then grab the appropriate size padding and apply to your shield.

3 Ostomy Solutions in 1 Product! The ultimate ostomy accessory.

Stoma Guard + Ostomy Clothing Solution + Ostomy Support Belt

More than just a simple stoma protector... the StomaShield funnels stoma output down your bag and underneath clothes!

The StomaShield is:

  • the ONLY stoma guard with 3 shield sizes included for a custom fit
  • the ONLY stoma guard with 3 different thicknesses of padding included for a custom fit and easy removal for maintenance
  • the ONLY stoma guard with a center channel and outlet at the bottom to easily manage stoma output underneath clothing and seat belts

The StomaShield, made by StomaGear, is made for majority of ostomy types and people:

ILEOSTOMY, COLOSTOMY, or UROSTOMY. Male or Female. Young or Experienced.  Athletic or Sedentary. 1 Piece or 2 Piece ostomy systems.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We understand how hard it is to buy online.  NOW INCLUDED with ALL 3 size shields so you don't have to worry which StomaShield to buy.  No exchanges necessary since all options are included!  Buy with confidence!

What can the StomaShield do for you if you have an ostomy?

Here are just a few of the benefits of EVERYDAY stoma protection:

  • Car seat belt protection
  • Clothing (protection and funnel output under clothing)
  • Getting back to Work  with an Ostomy
  • Hobbies/Sports
  • Sleeping/Intimacy
  • Reduce chances of parastomal hernias
  • Keeps clothing/belt from pinching off ostomy bag
  • Ostomy Belt: provides crucial support when ostomy bag gets heavy
  • Wear normal clothes with an ostomy again!

The all in one ostomy bag accessory!

If you still have questions, check our FAQ page here.