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stoma guard veterans


If you are under care of the United State VA medical system... the VA can cover the FULL COST of the StomaShield, under most conditions. 

StomaGear, Inc. is registered with SAM.gov DUNS # 032819982, Fax # 713-893-6742 (more info below for PO's) and we have successfully worked with VA Medical Centers all over the USA!


Recommendations for Veterans with medical care from VA:

The process starts with the US Veteran contacting their VA ostomy/wound care nurse through their VA Medical Center. StomaGear, Inc. cannot ask or start the process with the VA. We can only fulfill an order approved and requested by the VA.

  • Tell the VA ostomy/wound care nurse that you need the StomaShield made by StomaGear. We are registered in SAMS under "StomaGear, Inc"
  • One size fits all.  Each order comes with ALL 3 Sizes of the StomaShield.  No other variations available. 
  • Ask the VA nurse if they can place the order through the VA (these often get routed through the Prosthetics Dept for approval)
  • (If approved) the VA will contact us at StomaGear to place your order. StomaGear has no influence of the order. We rarely hear about an order until it is approved and sent to us.
  • If your VA says StomaGear is not registered with their facility, please direct them to this webpage (most if not all the vendor setup info is in section below).  We are a national vendor, and vendor setup at the local level is quick and easy.  The VA just has to request it.
  • Once we get the PO from the VA, the VA pays for the StomaShield, and we will ship out the StomaShield directly to the patient/veteran within 2 business days. (Arrives in 2-3 business days after that, so about 5 business days total)
  • We never bill the patient/veteran. We only ship orders if the VA approves and sends us the order.
  • Same 30 day guarantee and lifetime warranty applies. If you need to exchange for a different size after you receive it, just contact us and we will make it right.

Instructions if you work for the VA and need more info:

  • The StomaShield (our only product) is $99.00 (subject to change) which includes the shield, belt, and padding.  Shipping to anywhere in US within 2-3 business days is $10.00 flat rate.  The total charged will be $109.00.
  • Important! Please provide the 3 digit (CVC) verification code from the back of the card, along with the expiration date. We are finding credit card purchase orders not going through without the 3 digit verification code. 
  • Since we only have one product, the StomaShield, we do not have a catalog.
  • We are registered at SAM.gov under company name "Stomagear, Inc." at the national level.  Registration is current through 2018.
  • If we are not setup at your facility, no problem. 99% of the info you need for vendor setup is below.  If you need anything else, don't hesitate to call or email (info at stomagear . com) over any vendor setup forms you need.  We will turn those around same day for you.
  • SAM.gov DUNS # 032819982
  • Our Fax # (713) 893-6742 For Purchase Orders (No solicitation outside of the VA please) 
  • Business phone # 800-681-1584
  • Business classification: Small Business
  • If you need our Business Tax ID, don't hesitate to email or call us.
  • If your department, or the doctor/nurse are unsure of the shield sizing recommendations, more information can be found on our Sizing Guide page.
  • FYI, we accept credit card PO's. Please include credit card expiration date and 3 digit verification code with your PO.  Also make sure we have the correct billing address and zip code.  Otherwise the credit card will not go through. Thanks!
  • We ship out within 1-2 business days after receiving PO! USPS Priority 2-3 business day shipping to anywhere in USA at no additional cost.
  • VAMC Ostomy Nurses, Prosthetics Dept, or anyone else with the VA: Don't hesitate to Contact Us if you have any questions!