StomaGear - StomaShield Stoma Guard

Whats Included

What is included with your purchase?

This StomaShield is your everyday, all day, any occasion stoma guard! Advanced Stoma Protection that is lightweight and comfortable to wear all day and night! When you purchase this StomaShield, it will come with everything you need:

The new and improved belt (included with your order) is 2" wide, soft, elastic, latex free, machine washable, more secure, and just simply more comfortable than anything on the market. The elastic belt is easily adjustable. It comes in only 1 size: 48". The entire outside of the belt is loop (fuzzy) velcro. This allows the belt to adjust down in size as the velcro overlaps and tightens.  Giving it a range of 52" down to 24" belt.