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Texas VA Medical Center Purchases Only

Product Description
Select your Shield Size
Select Your Belt Size
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Internal use only for VA purchase orders.

How to determine the right size for me?  Recommended Sizes (may not apply to everyone, but will apply to most).

Simply measure the distance from your belt line to the top of your stoma.  Not your navel.  The higher the stoma is above the top edge of your pants, the taller the StomaShield you need.  We designed the StomaShield to allow the "output" of the stoma to flow underneath your clothing without restriction.  Everything is based on the stoma location in relation to your clothing.  Not how big/small your body is. 

  • If your stoma is Even or anywhere below belt/pants line, I recommend the Small Shield (4" high x 6" wide)

  • If your stoma is 0.50" - 2.50" above belt/pants line, I recommend the Medium Shield  (5" high x 6" wide) 

  • If your stoma is 3.00" above belt/pants line, I recommend the Large Shield     (6" high x 6" wide)

stomashield sizes

In the picture above, Small, Medium, and Large are shown.  All 3 shields are lined up the same at the bottom.  Each size is 1" taller to accommodate higher stoma locations above the clothing.

Ideally, your pants/belt line would rest along the center of the shield (+/- an inch or so).  At a minimum, I would have 1"-2" of the shield below the top of your belt (with the shield comfortably resting above your leg), and the remaining shield (above the belt) to protect the stoma. This will allow the bag contents to flow down to the bottom without it being pinched off from your clothing.  FYI, the large shield is better suited for taller/longer torso bodies with high stomas.  Medium works for a large majority of people with an ostomy.  The Small works great for those really low stomas at or below the pant/belt/waist line.

If you are still not sure which size is for you, I would start with the Medium size shield as it works for most people with an ostomy.  Try it out with various clothing and situations.  Then you can exchange for 1" shorter/taller shield if you feel it's necessary. Everyone's ostomy surgery and body shape is very unique.  It's definitely a trial and error process.  Not just buying our StomaShield, but any ostomy related product you try on.

StomaShield Belt Sizing Guide

Just like buying a belt for your pants, buy the smallest size you can fit into.  38", 48", or 58".  Our new belt is elastic, so it will stretch some.  If you are in between sizes, get the larger size to be on the safe side.  It also can adjust down to any size with the entire outside of belt made of loop side velcro.  For example, if you have a 40" waist it's best to get the 48" belt then simply pull to tighten to adjust down to get a custom fit.

stoma guard adjustable belt

If you need additional assistance on the StomaShield or it's belt, click here to Contact Us. We're here to help!

What is included with your purchase?

This StomaShield is your everyday, all day, any occasion stoma guard! Advanced Stoma Protection that is lightweight and comfortable to wear all day and night! When you purchase this StomaShield, it will come with everything you need:

  • 1 non-slip elastic belt, fully adjustable down in size
  • 3 different thicknessses of removable padding to fit over different size stomas - 1/8", 1/4", and 1/2" thick padding (4mm, 8mm, 12mm)
The new and improved belt (included with your order) is 2" wide, soft, elastic, latex free, machine washable, more secure, and just simply more comfortable than anything on the market. The elastic belt has a non-slip grip to keep it in place and is easily adjustable. It comes in 3 sizes: 38", 48", 58". The entire outside of the belt is loop (fuzzy) velcro. This allows the belt to adjust down in size as the velcro overlaps and tightens.

Shipping Information

Current lead times are 2 business days to prepare for shipping after the order is placed. Plus add time for shipping, depending on the shipping speed you choose. For example, 2 business days to prepare for shipping plus 3 business days for Priority shipping to anywhere in USA is about 5 business total to receive from time of purchase. All orders will get an email confirmation when shipped with tracking information.

FYI, All shipping speeds are estimated by USPS, and not guaranteed. The USPS tracking information and link given will provide the most accurate shipment ETAs.

Shipping within USA

  • Limited Time Offer! Free Priority Shipping on all Orders (3 business days once shipped). Domestic and International!
  • USPS Priority Express (USA Only, estimated 2 business days once shipped) $22.00 flat rate 

Shipping to Canada (at the time of delivery you could be subject to additional taxes or fees such as VAT and clearance fees. Check with your local carrier for more information.)

  • USPS Priority Canadian shipments, $20.00 flat rate via USPS Priority International (NOTE: please allow 10-14 days for delivery, due to customs) 
  • USPS Priority Express Canadian shipments $45.00 flat rate (USPS advertises 3-5 business days for many major markets. Actual number of days may vary based on origin, destination, and customs delays). Realistically, I would expect 7 business days in total as the average we see to get through customs.

All other international countries (depending on your country's policies, at the time of delivery you could be subject to additional taxes or fees such as VAT and clearance fees. Check with your local carrier for more information.)

  • International USPS Priority $40.00 flat rate (10-20 days, Actual number of days may vary based on origin, destination, and customs delays) 
  • International USPS Priority Express $60.00 flat rate (5-7 business days for many major markets. Actual number of days may vary based on origin, destination, and customs delays.)

Once you completed your purchase, you will get an email within minutes confirming your order (make sure you don't have any typos in your email address or shipping address!). Then within 2 business days, another email will go out once the shipping label has been created with your tracking number. The tracking information on the website will be updated within 24 hours once the carrier accepts the package.