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Stoma Guard Tips and Tricks

Stoma Guard Tips and Tricks

The stoma guard made by StomaGear is extremely useful for anyone living with an ostomy.  We have 1000's of customers around the world who believe the StomaShield stoma guard is indispensable to them for living with an ostomy.  See their Testimonials here. Out of all the stoma guards in the market, the StomaShield has the most features.  Some may not be immediately obvious.  Here are a few tips and tricks to help improve your quality of life with an ostomy:  

Ever had your shirt get in the way while draining or changing your bag?  Tired of holding your shirt under your chin?  With the StomaShield's elastic belt, simply scoot the belt and shield above your appliance and tuck in your shirt under the belt while you drain or change your bag.  Finally, hands (and chin) free!



Tired of that ruffling noise your bag makes while walking around?  Fold down top of bag under StomaShield for more discreetness under shirt.




stoma guard seat beltEver been driving, had your bag fill up above your seat belt and find yourself shuffling around trying to push your output down and under it?  If you were to suddenly stop while driving, what would happen to you stoma unprotected?  Whether your on a short trip or long road journeys the StomaShield stoma guard made by StomaGear solves a number of these issues (seat belt protection, drainage under clothes and seat belt, etc).  Be free to do what you want, when you want.  My wife and I went on a 2 week, 4,000 mile road trip in Spring of 2016 without any issues to my stoma, thanks to the StomaShield.  


flying with an ostomy stoma guardPlan on flying with an Ostomy bag?  Worried about the seat belt?  The StomaShield is impact resistant plastic, not metal like other stoma guards on the market.  Which only sets of the metal detectors at airports and other venues with metal detectors (sporting events, concerts, government buildings, etc).  Flying is not difficult at all, even with the TSA.  I use to fly every week for months in a previous job, with an ostomy bag!   First thing to do if you can is drain your bag in the restroom before getting in the security line.  The x-ray machine picks up liquids and only raises more questions.  But don't worry if you can't.  Right before you step into the x-ray machine at an airport, tell the TSA agent that you have an ostomy bag.  They say no problem, just proceed with an x-ray and get your fingers wiped and analyzed.  They sometimes ask just to quickly pat down your bag (while your clothed) to make sure you're not hiding anything in there.  It's quick and painless and not embarrassing in my opinion.  From my experience, it only takes about 1 minute longer than normal.  The key is to be open and transparent with the TSA agent.  They will guide you along.  They seem to be much better trained about ostomy bags than they were 5+ years ago.  So get out and fly, whether for business or pleasure!

Around kids or pets?  Find yourself covering your stoma with one hand, and wrestling a pet or child in the other?  Free your hands with the StomaShield stoma guard and play like with kids or pets just like you did before your ostomy. Our stoma guard protects your stoma from any impact big or small.  Keep both hands free and don't worry about your stoma anymore.