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StomaShield Sizing Guide

Please note. The sizing guide below is largely irrelevant now.  Why?  Because we now include ALL 3 SIZES of the StomaShield with every new order!  No more wondering which size is best for you!  No more exchanges, etc!  But the info below will give you the range of stoma locations that the StomaShields will fit.

Will the StomaShield fit my ostomy?  

Simply measure the distance from your belt line to the top of your stoma.  Not your navel.  The higher the stoma is above the top edge of your pants, the taller the StomaShield you need.  We designed the StomaShield to allow the "output" of the stoma to flow underneath your clothing without restriction.  Everything is based on the stoma location in relation to your clothing.  Not how big/small your body is. 

  • If your stoma is Even or anywhere below belt/pants line, I recommend the Small Shield (4" high x 6" wide)

  • If your stoma is 0.50" - 2.50" above belt/pants line, I recommend the Medium Shield  (5" high x 6" wide) 

  • If your stoma is 3.00" above belt/pants line, I recommend the Large Shield     (6" high x 6" wide)


stomashield sizes

In the picture above, Small, Medium, and Large are shown.  All 3 shields are lined up the same at the bottom.  Each size is 1" taller to accommodate higher stoma locations above the clothing.

Ideally, your pants/belt line would rest along the center of the shield (+/- an inch or so).  At a minimum, I would have 1"-2" of the shield below the top of your belt (with the shield comfortably resting above your leg), and the remaining shield (above the belt) to protect the stoma. This will allow the bag contents to flow down to the bottom without it being pinched off from your clothing.  FYI, the large shield is better suited for taller/longer torso bodies with high stomas.  Medium works for a large majority of people with an ostomy.  The Small works great for those really low stomas at or below the pant/belt/waist line.

If you are still not sure which size is for you, I would start with the Medium size shield as it works for most people with an ostomy.  We pre-install the belt on the medium with the order.  The small and large will be included in the box.  Try out the medium with various clothing and situations.  Then if that doesn't work, try the 1" shorter/taller shield if you feel it's necessary. Everyone's ostomy surgery and body shape is very unique.  It's definitely a trial and error process.  Not just buying our StomaShield, but any ostomy related product you try on.


StomaShield Belt Sizing Guide

The belt comes in a one size fits most 48" in length.  This belt fits most people from 28" waist to 52". It can adjust down to any size with the entire outside of belt made of loop side velcro.  There is a small square of hook velcro at the end of the belt.  So just pull to tighten to your exact size and comfort.  

stoma guard adjustable belt

If you need additional assistance on the StomaShield or it's belt, click here to Contact Us. We're here to help!