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Life after Ostomy Surgery

Before your Ostomy surgery, it is impossible to know what to expect. After surgery, you will be wondering how you will live a normal life again. Then you will adapt and learn how to wear all your different clothes with an Ostomy bag. How to drive in car with a seat belt. How to go back to work, or do the things you love again.

How will you adapt and overcome these most common issues? With the purchase of the StomaShield (and the included 3 different size shields and padding), you can adapt to nearly any situation and live your life normally again!

Key Benefits

stoma guard ostomy seat belt

Seat Belts with an Ostomy

When you wear the StomaShield stoma guard, you can get in and out of any vehicle, just like normal. No modifications to your car. No unsafe seat belt positions to avoid your ostomy bag.

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ostomy clothing solution

Clothing with an Ostomy

Wearing clothes anywhere near the stoma and ostomy bag is usually an issue. The StomaShield solves this by guarding the stoma and creating a bridge for your clothes to go over. Now, your output can flow normally while wearing your favorite clothes. Even while sitting!

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StomaShield Features

All 3 Size Shields Included!

3 different heights StomaShields are INCLUDED with your purchase to accommodate nearly all the different stoma surgery locations.  Adjust shield size at home for a custom fit. Never worry about buying the wrong size! Whether your stoma is 3' above or 1' below your belt line, or anywhere in between... we have a shield that will work for you. Small StomaShield (4" tall), Medium (5" tall), and Large (6" tall). All 3 sizes are 6.5" wide, the only difference is the height of the shield. 


Included with each StomaShield is THREE different sets of padding. One set of 1/2" thick, 1/4" thick, and 1/8" thick. These are easily removable and machine washable. This helps vary the clearance from your body for different size stomas.

Also included is a 2" wide plush, removable, non-latex, anti-microbial, comfortable elastic with full adjustability using the built-in velcro on the outside of the belt.

Works with ALL ostomy bags

Channel in the center of the shield is made for stoma clearance and allow stoma output to flow down the bag without obstruction.  Shield's proprietary shape is designed to work with nearly all body shapes and sizes as well as one piece or two piece ostomy bags. This works great for wearing a seat belt in a car or plane, as well as wearing your favorite clothes over your ostomy bag.

StomaShield Testimonials

Sir, Just a short note to say that I received my stoma shield at 5:55 PM on Monday, and my life became infinitely better at 6:00 o’clock. It produced a totally different outlook for me. I’m very thankful I found your product.

– Larry - Grand Prairie, TX (ileostomy)

I just want to thank you for all the thought you put into this. Even the belt. So that it doesn’t slide. It stays put. That is a big deal. I am so impressed with this item. It has made me feel so much more secure about doing things , about going back to work. I worried about banging into the stoma. And would have many times, but the shield protected it. I just cant tell you how happy I am with this. Thank you!!!!

– Elizabeth - Ohio (colostomy)

This product is Awesome! The design is amazing & the belt stays in place and it is very comfortable, as well as effective. I wasted tons of money before finding this product! Do yourself a favor and don’t waste your money on other guards like I did. This is the BEST one & I have many in my collection. This is the only one I wear now. Also, shipping is fast :)

– Lydia, Pineville, LA

With the shield I feel a little more confident and can feel like I can dress “normally” :) Again thanks so much!

– Jordan, Charlotte, NC (urostomy)

stoma guard sitting

Finally, a stoma guard you can sit down with!

Majority of the stoma guards in the market today have a shield that is flat at the bottom. As soon as you sit down, it cuts off the flow of the bag. Often shoving waste back up towards your seal. Not good! The StomaShield was the original stoma guard with the notch at the bottom of the shield, going back to prototype designs in 2010. The large notch at the bottom prevents the shield from pinching off your ostomy bag as it's draining or full. This allows for your bag contents to still flow down the bag, underneath your clothing waistline and below the shield, even while sitting for long periods of time. Be leery of competitor products that copied our original design, since they are missing some of the unique / key designs that enhance the performance of the shield (ie. center channel that protrudes away from the stoma).

stoma guard ostomy seat belt

Peace of Mind

Use a car seat belt normally and safely while protecting your stoma! No additional equipment. No need to adjust your clothes and bag when you get in a vehicle. Very discreet! Always on, always protected. Wear the clothes you like, even with a belt snugly against your waist! Never worry about going to back to work, playing with kids or pets, a long car drive, working in the yard, playing sports, or just some insurance against accidental bumps.

Made specifically to get your life back with an Ostomy!

Think of this as not only as stoma protection but as a bridge for your clothing to sit over your ostomy. The ergonomic shape has been meticulously designed to accommodate as many different body shapes and sizes as possible. Allows nearly a full range of motion, minimal in size, and very discreet under most clothing.

Are You Ready

to live a normal life with an Ostomy??

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stoma guard

The StomaShield is THREE products in ONE

1. Stoma Guard

2. Ostomy Clothing Solution

3. Ostomy Support Belt

We solve the two most annoying problems everyone with an ostomy have in common:

"How will I wear a seat belt safely over my stoma and bag?"

"How will I wear clothes over my stoma and bag?"

Much more than a simple stoma protector... the StomaShield also funnels stoma output down your bag and underneath clothes!

The StomaShield is the only stoma guard with 3 shield sizes included for a custom and adjustable fit. The only stoma guard with 3 different thicknesses of padding for a custom and adjustable fit and easy maintenance. The only stoma guard with a center channel and outlet at the bottom to easily manage stoma output underneath clothing.

The StomaShield, made by StomaGear, is the best stoma guard for:


Male or Female. 1-piece or 2-piece ostomy systems.

Buy today. Ships out within 1 business day! We ship Worldwide!

Lifetime Warranty on the StomaShield (excludes belt & padding)

30 Day Money Back No Questions Asked Guarantee!


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