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stoma ostomy protection

Three products in one

Stoma Guard + Ostomy Support Belt + Ostomy Clothing Solution

Funnels stoma output underneath clothes!

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What can the StomaShield do for you if you have an ostomy?

EVERYDAY stoma protection

Car seat belts
Reduce chances of parastomal hernias
Keeps clothing/belt from pinching off ostomy bag
Channels stoma output underneath clothing
Wear normal clothes with an ostomy again!

The all in one ostomy bag accessory!

    Fits nearly all ostomy types and people


    Male or Female
    Temporary or Permanent Ostomy
    One-Piece Bag or Two-Piece Bag

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    family with an ostomy

    Without the StomaShield, I could not live a normal life.  Everyone's definition of normal is different.  But this is mine. Working hard and raising a family.

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    The StomaShield Design and Features are Patent Pending

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    Made in Texas, USA!

    To pursue insurance reimbursement after purchase,
    mention HCPCS (medical billing) Code A4396 to your insurance representative.  

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    "The ultimate stoma guard designed by a person with an ostomy, for people with an ostomy! I’ve had an ileostomy for 7 years, so I can relate to many of the challenges we face on a daily basis. I swear by my product because I wear the StomaShield too, all day and all night." — Brian Hakel, Inventor of the StomaShield

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    New and Improved Features

    stoma protection

    Channel in the center is made for stoma clearance and allow stoma output to flow down the bag without obstruction.  Shield's proprietary shape is designed to work with nearly all body shapes and sizes as well as one piece or two piece ostomy bags.






    stoma guard

    Tall belt slots allow custom positioning of belt for your needs. This also allows the shield to be rotated to follow those who choose to angle their ostomy bags.




    stoma protection

    Padding strategically placed on outer edges of the shield to not interfere with 2-piece ostomy systems. This design works with all 1 piece and 2 piece ostomy systems. Also works great with ostomy bags that have filters!



    Exclusive Patent Pending Design

    Finally, a stoma guard you can sit down with!  The large notch at the bottom prevents the shield from pinching off your ostomy bag. This allows for your bag contents to still flow down the bag, underneath your clothing waistline and below the shield, even while sitting for long periods of time.  

    ostomy clothing
    Be leery of competitor products since they are missing some of the unique / key designs that enhance the performance of the shield. The Stomashield design took years to perfect that was based on numerous interactions with real customers on their feedback (likes and dislikes). After optimizing the design we have heard from thousands of customers on what a great product Stomashield is. We're sure you will be a very satisfied customer as well.

    Think of this as not only as stoma protection, but as a bridge for your clothing to sit over your ostomy. The ergonomic shape has been meticulously designed to accommodate as many different body shapes and sizes as possible.  Allows nearly full range of motion, minimal in size, and very discreet under most clothing.  

    Very Lightweight.  The lightest stoma guard available, yet strong and durable.

    ostomy guard

    One Size Does Not Fit All
    3 different heights available to accommodate different stoma locations, whether your stoma is above or below your belt line.  Small (4" tall), Medium (5" tall), and Large (6" tall).  All 3 sizes are 6.5" wide, the only difference is the height of the shield.  More info on sizing on the FAQ page.

    Included with each StomaShield is THREE different sets of padding. One 12mm thick, 8mm thick, and one 4mm thick.  These are easily removable and machine washable. This helps vary the clearance for long or short stomas.

    The tall built in belt slots allow you to rotate the shield along the belt and/or raise or lower the location of the belt along the shield if desired.




    Comfortable & Secure to Wear All Day

    Elastic belt secures the StomaShield in place, yet comfortable to wear all day.  It stretches to move with you throughout the day.  Even all night, too!

    One side of the belt comes with a non-slip texture that enhances grip on the shield, your body, and/or clothes that may be underneath it. This prevents shifting of shield during your everyday activities.  You can wear the StomaShield without a belt.  But most everyone loves the security of the belt we provide.  The enhanced secure grip of our belt is a major advantage over other stoma guards and ostomy support belts out there.

    No loud velcro!  The belt is detachable with a low profile, quick release button.  Be discreet in public restrooms or changing rooms. The belt is also completely adjustable.  Customize the tension to as loose or tight as you prefer.  Low Maintenance: belt and padding are removable and machine washable when necessary.

    ostomy seat belt protection
    Peace of Mind 
    Use a car seat belt normally and safely while protecting your stoma! No additional equipment.  No need to adjust your clothes and bag when you get in a vehicle.  Very discreet!  Always on, always protected.

    Wear the clothes you like, even with a belt snugly against your waist!

    Never worry about going to back to work, playing with kids or pets, a long car drive, working in the yard, playing sports, or just some insurance against accidental bumps.

    The StomaShield also serves as a excellent ostomy support belt.  No need for those flimsy support belts from the ostomy manufacturers.  The StomaShield will sit on top of the ostomy bag, hold it place when it get's heavy, and keep it secure when moving around.  With this support, you will find that wearing the StomaShield will often help increase the adhesive lifespan of the wafer.

    Whether you are young or experienced, and your ostomy is permanent or temporary - you can have peace of mind with the StomaShield made by StomaGear!

    30 day satisfaction guaranteed or your money back

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    StomaShield Sizing Guide

    How to determine the right size for me?  Recommended Sizes (may not apply to everyone, but will apply to most)

    Since this stoma guard is also designed to work underneath clothing, we base shield sizing on the distance of your stoma above or below your pants or belt line (not your navel).  This way the "output" of the stoma will flow underneath your clothing without restriction.  The higher the stoma is above the top edge of your pants, the larger/taller the StomaShield you need:

    • If your stoma is Even or anywhere below belt/pants line, I recommend the Small Shield (4" high x 6" wide)

    • If your stoma is 0.50" - 2.50" above belt/pants line, I recommend the Medium Shield  (5" high x 6" wide) 

    • If your stoma is 3.00" above belt/pants line, I recommend the Large Shield     (6" high x 6" wide)

    Ideally, your pants/belt line would rest along the center of the shield (+/- an inch or so).  At a minimum, I would have 1"-2" of the shield below the top of your belt (with the shield comfortably resting above your leg), and the remaining shield (above the belt) to protect the stoma. This will allow the bag contents to flow down to the bottom without it being pinched off from your clothing.  FYI, the large shield is better suited for taller/longer torso bodies with high stomas.  Medium works for a large majority of people with an ostomy.  The Small works great for those really low stomas at or below the pant/belt/waist line.

    If you are still not sure which size is for you, I would start with the Medium size shield as it works for most people with an ostomy.  Try it out with various clothing and situations.  Then you can exchange for 1" shorter/taller shield if you feel it's necessary. Everyone's ostomy surgery and body shape is very unique.  It's definitely a trial and error process.  Not just buying our StomaShield, but any ostomy related product you try on.

    If you need additional assistance, click here to Contact Us. We're here to help!