StomaGear - StomaShield Stoma Guard

NOTE: This is the belt only and does NOT include the StomaShield. 

This is the New and Improved Belt for the StomaShield!  You asked, we listened.

FYI, this belt no longer comes with the silicone grip adhered to the belt (the pictures above will be updated soon).  This silicone application has been removed and no longer available.  Without it, the belt will last longer, breathe better, no skin irritation to sensitive skins, and easier to maintain.

Upgrade your old StomaShield belt today!  This works with nearly all StomaShield models over the last 3+ years.  As long as it has a 2" or wider wide belt slot, this new belt will fit your old StomaShield perfectly.

Want to add an extra belt to go along with your new StomaShield order?  Order an extra one today and add it to your cart!

Only available in beige color as shown.

This 48" Elastic belt stretches and adjustable in size down as it overlaps with velcro attachment.   One size fits most!