StomaGear - StomaShield Stoma Guard

More StomaShield padding options!

StomaGear's innovative (adjustable/removable/low maintenance) padding system has worked for a far majority of our customers, with the 4mm and 8mm options. However, there were a few who wished there was a thicker padding option to clear those larger stomas and/or thicker output.  We listened, and custom ordered an even thicker version of the same padding in 12mm (nearly 1/2 inch). It took several months to get here, but it was worth the wait!  Now every new StomaShield order will get all 3 padding options. Simply remove and try each one to get that custom fit!  If you're already a StomaGear customer, the padding is also available separately in the StomaGear online store in the Optional Accessories section.