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StomaShield Surpassed Expectations

I’ve had my urostomy three months and I’m learning how better to manage it daily. StomaShield is a comfortable, quality product with an excellent trial period and guarantee. StomaShield has addressed several of my issues: protecting my stoma from seatbelts,
my grandsons’ dog jumping, supporting my ostomy bag’s weight and allowing me to dress discreetly with or without my shirt tucked in. It has given me peace of mind in those situation. I have not found it necessary to wear the StomaShield when sleeping and attached to a night drainage bag. It is necessary to empty my bag more frequently while wearing the StomaShield. I highly recommend trying this product.

Great device

I wear the StomaShield for the usual protection in moving vehicles and so I can be adjusted facedown by my chiropractor (foam pad inserted on opposite side for balance). He was thrilled with the device and will recommend it to his other ostomy patients.

Just what I expected

I had to email customer service and ask a very newbie question. They immediately responded with practical, kind, and assuring answers. Great product. Great customer service.


Makes it easier for the user to wear normal clothes.

Driving with stomashield

Good product does the job but location is key to having a stress free drive the middle shield worked better when wearing seatbelt

StomaShield Stoma Guard, Ostomy Support Belt - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


I bought this for my wife and she feels more confident doing more with out damaging her stoma or bag

StomaShield Stoma Guard, Ostomy Support Belt - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Stoma Shield Review

The shield design is excellent. The belt is a bit too long, you should have at least two different lengths.

Good Protection

Still healing from surgery. This guard will be a great asset as I learn to adjust to my stoma. Thank you.

Changed outblook9n

Got this for my husband. He felt awkward and seldom left the house but this stoma gaurd gave him more confidence and actually helps hold his ostomy bag in place as it likes to twist.thank you it made a big difference. Now ...9ne to sleep with. He actually tried and slept so good not having to worry about pulling loose but the belt got wrapped. Anyway love it!!!!

Great Stoma Protection Product and Peace of Mind

I think this is a really great product for protecting the stoma. I really like how you included all three sizes and padding to really help make the best fit for your size and whatever activity you may be doing. My biggest need right now is protecting my stoma from the seatbelt in the car in general, and just in case of quick stops or worse. After researching, I decided on your stoma guard and I definitely made the right choice for my stoma’s safety and peace of mind. Thank you for including all three sizes, the adjustable padding, and adjustable velcro strap all at a very reasonable price.
Thank you, Shelly

Great Product!

Stomaguard does exactly that. It protects my stoma and in addition it supports the beginning of my hernia, much better than a hernia belt that I recently purchased from another company.
Thank you Stomaguard!!

Able to dress

I was a little skeptical about the Stomashield before I ordered it. However the return policy was so good that I had to try it. This was one of the best decisions that I have made. The stomashield has allowed me to be able wear pants with a belt again. It also allows me to be able to wear my motorcycle leathers without the concern of mashing my stoma. Seat belts are no longer a problem either. The bag can freely fill even while seated with this shield. I would highly recommend that all with an ileostomy try this shield.

Stoma Order from Singapore

Hi there. I certainly recommend buying StomaShield. It took me two years after being a stoma patient to finally find this gear which helped me to wear my old jeans and trousers again. I had put my old trousers in my cupboard since day one after my surgery because of my stoma and waistline. Now,i feel like i don't have a stoma at all while wearing my favourite jeans. Good job StomaShield. In case you're wondering how long i had to wait for my order,i waited 7 days for it to be shipped from US to Singapore.

Stomashield 3 piece set

Having the 3 sizes of shields to experiment with really helped to sort out which one works with a particular situation.For future design consideration maybe look at a way to have the shield loop over the top of the pants rather than use the included belt.


I’m about 6 weeks post op. Right side oriented ileostomy. I bought this a few weeks after the operation and tried it on with some stiff raw denim jeans… it was too much too soon. I switched over to a slightly stretchy pair of jeans and it worked pretty good. My healing wasn’t (and still isn’t) completely done so there was initial some discomfort with the pressure of having a leather belt and jeans being cinched tight enough to hold the waistline of the pants on the shield. After using it for a few days in short stints I got used to it and the discomfort went away. I can wear all my pants again. (Even the 18.5oz raw selvedge). I hadn’t worn anything but sweat pants and hospital robes for several months leading up to getting the StomaShield. It was **** with my head not being to dress like a participating member of society. Initially there will be some discomfort, there is a (to be expected) slight bulge from the shield. I’m using the Medium shield and have stepped down from the thickest Velcro pads to the mediums and hopefully soon to try the thin pads. The fact that it comes with all three sizes of the plastic shields and all the different thicknesses of pads is very helpful so you have optionality and can find the right fit. It’ll take some experimentation. I don’t write reviews for things, I felt compelled to with this product because it helped me so much psychologically that I’m grateful and happy to lend any endorsement.


I had a urostomy due to bladder cancer in 2011. I have adjusted and get along fine with it. The biggest issue for me was not being able to tuck my shirt. I tried the suspender thing which was ok for certain occasions when i needed to wear a suit and tie... the problem was i had to be especially careful when sitting and the bag filling.... i blew the seal once and hated that solution. I am a machinist by trade and experimented with different shield designs of my own using stainless steel sheet metal. I could never get one to work to my satisfaction. When i saw the StomaShield i was pretty excited as it was very similar to my own designs. I bounce back and forth between the medium and large and will most likely settle on the medium. My stoma is located in between the two. But I can now tuck my shirt and not worry about the blow outs... so I am impressed with StomaShield as it works as described and once I get used to my change in "routine" all will be good.

Very pleased. I wear a convex baseplate so to get dressed I need a guard! This works perfectly.

Too soon?

Looks good but maybe I made my purchase too soon. One side of the shield rests in the abdominal incision through my navel. It is not healed enough to have anything pushing down there. It looks like good quality and good value considering you get three sizes. I'm sure I will make good use of it once I am more healed.

Great for sports

I bought this product mainly for sports. I used it for softball and it works great

An excellent product. Makes my life easier.

Piece of mind.

Wearing this device gives me piece of mind while I am performing activities.