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Fits great feels great and it gave me the confidence to go out and do things

Still haven't worked out all the details yet. Need to try the different sizes and pads

StomaShield Stoma Guard, Ostomy Support Belt - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Its comfortable to wear and gives me piece of mind that my stoma is protected from accidental bumps. I highly recommend this product.

Stoma Shield

I wish I had known about it sooner. I love the way you ship three sizes so you can be sure of a good fit. It truly keeps my stoma safe, with no worries about stopping drainage. Easy to put on and wear. Thank you so very much.

Awesome Product!

My husband has had issues with his urostomy bag when he is driving. The urine wasn't draining into the bottom of his colostomy bag. I purchased this product when he was getting ready to leave for a 2500 mile trip that he would make in 4 days. He wasn't real happy that I was spending this money on something like this for him. That all changed at the end of his first day of travel! He was thrilled at how well it worked! I'm happy because it's working so well! Buy this product! What do you have to lose?

Excellent for sports

Fits great. Belt is adjustable. Comfortable to wear during gym or sporting activities.

StomaShield Stoma Guard, Ostomy Support Belt - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


If I would have known I would have ordered this BEFORE hubby's surgery!❤️
He can work and wear REAL JEANS with NO WORRIES! Seat belt and his beloved dog are NO PROBLEM!
I tell everyone about this cover! Everyone should have it!
Out of 5 stars we give it 10!
Thank you so much for such a GREAT product!

Just getting used to it. Seems to work as it should.

Product exactly as I expected. Very well pleased.

StomaShield Stoma Guard, Ostomy Support Belt - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Stoma Shield

I'm impressed how well it protects my stoma from wearing stretch pants and jeans. there's no pressure against my stoma.

Great product

This device works well and make me feel “normal “ again because I can wear my old clothes with a belt. Seat belt isn’t a problem when I use the stomaguard

StomaShield Stoma Guard, Ostomy Support Belt - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Stoma shield review

I have been using the stoma shield when working in my workshop restoring a car project. I was concerned working with rusted jagged metal that I might damage my pouch or injure the stoma and that is why I ordered the stoma shield. I have found that when I sit that the shield prevents the pouch from filling normally. I am wearing the small size and it does protect the stoma but as indicated the device prevents proper flow into the pouch. I am however using the stoma shield to protect the stoma from injury. I only wear it for working. I do not find it comfortable wearing the stoma shield when not working on my projects.

So far, so good

Works well with wearing jeans and most of the time comfortable while in sitting position.

Excellent product, my husband and get up and go now!! Thanks!!!

Should Have Bought Sooner

Best when wearing seatbelts

Works well makes working so much easier

My thoughts

I have an Ostomy that when I wear a nice suit it covers over the Ostomy. This makes my Ostomy like a volcano and it erupts making stool deep out from under the appliance. That goes all over my clothes. This product eliminates that problem easily. It’s great to actually wear real clothes as all I wear scrub pants 99% of the time. Thank you is an understatement. Love this product as it is easy to wear and very helpful to a normal way of life.
GHadsell NY

It has worked out great.

wearing the smallest shield with the belt has worked out great.I am very active (hiking,weight lifting,etc.)and the protection of my stoma by your product has been wonderful.....thsnks