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StomaShield Stoma Guard, Ostomy Support Belt - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Mental relief

It takes a while to pick the correct size and the proper adjustment, but this is probably the best appliance I have purchased to enable me to live a normal lifestyle after my bladder removal surgery.

Just what I needed

My ileostomy stoma is on the upper right quadrant of my abdomen, right where the beltline of my pants go. So, I couldn't put my beltline above the stoma and had to wear my pants low. Not a good look. The StomaShield allows me to wear my pants right where I always have. Only downside is I may need to get them with a slightly larger waist measurement. I can deal with that. My stoma is also right where my seat belt would sit. I was trying to hold the seatbelt, or put it under my bag, but that didn't work out so well. StomaShield protects my stoma allowing normal seatbelt wear. It does slightly decrease my bag capacity while wearing it, but again that's easy to deal with. The elastic belt is so comfortable that I forget I'm wearing it. I also switch between the medium and small shields depending on what I'll be doing, so I'm glad that all are included.

Stoma protection /24//7

Seems to be pretty good does the job I like itI would recommend it I could certainly wear my clothes better I certainly feel more comfortable in case of a pet accident or a child bowl or anything it’s good protection

Life saver

This product was a life saver for me when I got my stoma. I was always scared of snagging it or my animals jumping on it and once I got this that worry went away. Highly recommend

No more suspenders!

I love this product. I use this every day. As my stoma is on the belt line. The Stoma Guard protects my stoma. I have now done away with my suspenders to hold up my pants as now I use a belt across the Stoma Guard to tighten the belt to keep my pants up. Another things is that it protects me while I am jogging. It not only protects me but ensures that everything flows thru the stoma without any hindrance. What a relief!!!

StomaShield changed my life

Stoma Shield changed my life. I don't feel like a freak anymore. I went to town today with my pants up and a belt on. Thank you so much.

High quality and super strong

This is an excellent product. It has really helped me regain my confidence in wearing work pants and jeans again. High quality and super strong. Excellent customer service as well.

God send for my husband

This stomaguard is God send for my husband .
He has a beginning peristomal bulge (hernia?) and this instantly provided the support he needs.
The 3 sizes in one shipment is brilliant. He tried each one and chose the one with the right fit.
Thank you so much for being there for individuals like my husband.

Riding rollercoasters again!

After surgery for Crohns Colitis & colon cancer my ileostomy needed impact protection as roller coasters are my favorite pastime and most restraints fall right on top of my stoma. Also, my guitars hit right on the stoma. Surgery saved my life but without the Stomashield I would never be able to return to Six Flags or play the guitar. Thank you so much!

Huge help since day 1

This belt has been a huge help since day 1. Once I got home from the hospital my nurse left an ad insert for this belt in my care package. After reading into it I decided to order it that day, and was quickly delivered a few days later. I was worried that my stoma would get in the way of things and this has taken that all away. It allows you to wear a belt, drive a car, and not worry about other factors that may come into contact with you. It is very comfortable and comes in 3 sizes for various body shapes. I cant imagine not wearing this everyday. - Thanks Stomagear!

Thanks for a great product

Had Urostomy surgery Feb 2nd 2017. I had been doing research on products before surgery and had found StomaShield. Decided to buy one to try Feb 20th. Received my StomaShield about 3 days later. I am so glad I decided on buying this product. I have been wearing it almost 24 hours a day. It works great, driving with seat belt, wearing pants with belt, sleeping at night. I sleep on my stomach so while sleeping at night it keeps pressure off my stoma & pouch. It works great, driving with seat belt, wearing pants with belt, sleeping at night. I sleep on my stomach so while sleeping at night it keeps pressure off my stoma & pouch. I was having problems while wearing pants with a belt. My pouch would fill above the belt & I would have to help it drain. My wafer would leak after about 2 days. With the StomaShield I have made it 4 or 5 days. Mostly due to now the belt will not pinch off the flow. I don't get that puffy bag above the belt that puts pressure on the wafer seal. Thanks for such a great product.

You hit a home run with that one

Got the new belt for the StomaShield in the mail yesterday and wore it to work today. You hit a home run with that one. The fabric on the inside keeps it from moving around, the flat Velcro closure is great and the extra width helps it stay put. It's a huge improvement!

Worth the money

Hello, random person reading this!! If you're just looking at this post and wondering "Is this really a good product?"... yes. It is great! I wasn't sure if I'd want to keep it, it looked kinda bulky and uncomfortable, but I figured I'd try it... I'm keeping mine! It's worth the money. I wear mine all day and at night... I can now interact with my cat without worrying he'll step on my stoma... I can go back to work at a nursing home... it helps with my hernia by providing extra support and keeping the bag where it needs to be (instead of the bag being weighed down by output)... I love it! :) Facebook Review

Best stoma guard by far

I ordered a StomaShield, small size, in April of this year and it is the best stoma guard by far!! I have had a couple of other stoma guards but had problems with them all, mainly leakage due to pancaking. I have a flush stoma which is right at my belt line. Using a convex barrier flange with the Stomashield has resulted in no leaks! It is adjustable up an down so that I can wear any pants with a belt. Even when I exercise, I wear the StomaShield and it gives me confidence when jogging or swimming! The small size allows me to bend over to pull weeds or similar activities. I am very thankful for my StomaShield, it has allowed me have more confidence in everything that I do! (colostomy)

Very active in my wheelchair

Hi Brian received the StomaShield 2 day shipping as promiseddidnt waste any time putting it on. Seems to work great for me . I am very active in my wheelchair.. ride 3 wheel motorcycle etc.... I only wish I discovered it sooner. (ileostomy)

I can do whatever I want without issues

I recently went through surgery for bladder cancer and ended up with a urostomy positioned very high up near my ribs. Im petite and my waistline is very low. When I wore any clothes with a waistline or belt all the fluid would stay above the belt line which was extremely uncomfortable (not to mention very noticeable). Im extremely active, I para-row, bike, & practice yoga etc and this waistline problem was really frustrating me. I couldnt even wear my professional every day work clothes properly. When I found StomaShield online I knew it would be the answer for me. I contacted Brian Hakel via his website he was so helpful and he answered all my questions and concerns. I ordered it the next day and it arrived only a few days later. Im so impressed with this product! This is truly a necessity for anyone who has a stoma. It allows you to do whatever you want to without issues. Thank you Brian for taking this project on and creating this product for everyone!

I am so impressed with this

I just want to thank you for all the thought you put into this. Even the belt. So that it doesnt slide. It stays put. That is a big deal. I am so impressed with this item. It has made me feel so much more secure about doing things , about going back to work. I worried about banging into the stoma. And would have many times, but the shield protected it. I just cant tell you how happy I am with this. Thank you!!!! (colostomy)

I'm very thankful I found your product

Sir, Just a short note to say that I received my stoma shield at 5:55 PM on Monday, and my life became infinitly better at 6:00 oclock. It produced a totally different outlook for me. Im very thankful I found your product. (ileostomy)

This product is awesome!

This product is Awesome! The design is amazing & the belt stays in place and it is very comfortable, as well as effective. I wasted tons of money before finding this product! Do yourself a favor and dont waste your money on other guards like I did. This is the BEST one & I have many in my collection. This is the only one I wear now. Also, shipping is fast :)

Stomagear is a must have

Brian - your product and customer service are outstanding! I was able to participate in a few key important life events that I did not think possible until I got my StomaGear. It not only enables one to more comfortably wear normal clothes, but to also be in a car with the seatbelt on. Your passion for the population who needs a bag is much appreciated!

First plane ride since my surgery

Just thought Id share with you my experience and thoughts regarding your terrific product. I just got home after 3 days in Washington DC. First plane ride since before my 2011 surgery. I had no problems whatsoever! The shield works fabulously well, and I am getting used to wearing a belt again! People I hadnt seen in 3 years said I looked great. Those that had seen me in the past year or so, thought Id gained weight. In fact, it was just the difference of wearing low hung baggy pants with suspenders vs. wearing normal Levis with a belt! I cannot thank you enough for changing my life for the better! I wish you loads of success with the StomaGear Shield! Thanks! (urostomy)

Backpacking and hockey

It fits good! I think I will now be able to go backpacking again & maybe even go back to playing hockey. (Im still active for my age, 77). Thanks for your help. (urostomy)


Benefits of the shields are confidence in wearing a seat belt and being able to wear my pants without looking like a geek (pants pulled up unusually high) or a young hipster with my pants so low my underwear hangs out! I can bend over with more ease. The StomaGear Shield seem to secure the appliances, preventing uncomfortable pulls. Bottom line - I have only been able to wear them about a week and a half. (I dont wear them in bed.) I love them! (ileostomy)

Wearing jeans for the first time in 6 months!

Just got my StomaShield in the mail, all I can say is thank you very much for the quick service. Guess who just put a pair of jeans on, first time in 6 months, feel pretty good too. Thanks again