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The StomaShield is a lifesaver

What a difference the StomaShield has made. Before it was purchased, there was no end of trouble. Averaging about 1 or 2 bag changes a day. But now, I only have to change the bag about once a week! Thanks, StomaShield!

Works as advertised

Happy so far. Wore jeans with shirt tucked in no problem.

Stoma Guard

Awesome Product. Use it for hockey and it works great for beer league. All different sizes are perfect for customization and memory foam pads feel great. Thanks for the awesome product, worth the money.

Back To Normal

Thanks I feel as normal as I can with a urostomy bag. I can now where pants including jeans whenever I want with no worries of the wasteland or belt blocking the flow. I also play softball and it protects my Stoma from being hit by a ball. IT IS WORTH THE PRICE to feel normal again. The only thing I would change is this should come with 2 or 3 Velcro Belts as I use different size shields for different activities and it would be nice to pick and go instead of changing belts all the time. Either way try this as it changed my new life with an ostomy in a way I can't thank you enough for. I Am Normal Again thanks Tom.

Good nights sleep

I wear it at night. It lets me lay on my side, stomach and back. Without smashing my bag or tubing thank you

Your product has given me the confidence to go out into the public again.

Love it!!

I am so glad I found the stoma guard. Now I can go to work and not have to worry about getting bumped into or bumping myself on the counters.

StomaShield Stoma Guard, Ostomy Support Belt - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Great product

It is for my husband. He gave you a 👍.

Good to have

The different sizes helps for different situations. I'm still experimenting with this.
The belt is great but because of the placement of my stoma and my build, keeping the belt in place is a little bit of a challenge, not bad but it tends to slide up.

yet to be tried

I bought the item in advance of my upcoming surgery.. I will definitely send a review following the big event and some healing time..


I struggled with my new stoma for many weeks. I couldn´t get jeans or shorts or slacks to fit over it without pain and other ¨consequences". After buying the Stoma Guard and getting it fit to my waist and stoma, there was no pain and it functioned as it was supposed to with the Guard in place. Plus, seat belts are not a problem anymore either! Great product!

Great Product

Having this has given me confidence to be around my young grandchildren. It is easy to put on, stays in place and has protected my stoma on several occasions. So glad I purchased this!

Great product for many uses

I ordered my second set of StomaShields. I use them to protect my stoma when I'm driving and wear one in conjunction with a hernia belt when I go to the gym. The products are well designed and very comfortable.

Seat belt answer

This product was my answer to safeguarding stoma while driving . I look at some other options ,but liked StomaSheild best . Multiple sizes to accommodate my needs . I highly recommend this product.Not only did it work for me it will work for you!

Works great!

My new stoma guard is working well. It is comfortable and lightweight. I like having the options of small, medium, and large guards. It gives one a nice variety in choosing what works best for them.

Great Idea and Quality Materials

I was just looking for something like this and it fits perfectly my needs. Now I can do my normal life without hearting myself and with full confidence.

New Ostomate

I recently became an ostomate so am getting used to the new life style. I wanted to get some protection for my stoma for traveling. After looking at different options I ordered the StomaGear StomaShield. It is GREAT. Totally adjustable, high quality and easy to use. Thank you StomaGear!!!

Love it

Made drivingvin car and not having to worry about stuff hitting it

Very good product

I have had my StomaShield for about one week now and it is doing a great job for me. It has rugged construction, uses top quality materials, and a well-thought-out design. The three shields and adjustment pads for each included in the box allow for a perfect fit. I have no problem recommending the StomaShield to anyone who needs or wants to protect their stoma for whatever reason.
John C.

StomaShield in Kentucky

I put it on the day it arrived, I couldn't believe how comfortable it was. It was very easy to put on and adjust to my needs. I was so impressed I dressed up in my suit and sent photo's to my friends. Thanks StomaGear for this wonderful product


Still getting used to the StomaShield, but, so far, so good. Need to get used to sitting. Real test is next month...going on vacation. Thanks for creating this!