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StomaShield stoma guard - Three Products in One

The StomaShield, THREE products in ONE

Stoma Guard + Ostomy Clothing Solution + Ostomy Support Belt

stoma guard

The two most annoying problems everyone with an ostomy have in common with is:

"How will I wear a seat belt safely over my stoma and bag?"

"How will I wear clothes over my stoma and bag?"

Much more than a simple stoma protector... the StomaShield also funnels stoma output down your bag and underneath clothes!

The StomaShield, made by StomaGear, is the best stoma guard for:
ILEOSTOMY, COLOSTOMY, or UROSTOMY. Male or Female. 1-piece or 2-piece ostomy systems.

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Lifetime Warranty on the StomaShield (excludes belt & padding)