StomaGear - StomaShield Stoma Guard

Did you know....

Did you know....

Did you know....

The StomaShield is the ONLY Stoma Guard to offer all of the following all in one product:

  • Only stoma guard you can sit down with and have your ostomy bag still drain properly

  • Only stoma guard with REMOVABLE and ADJUSTABLE padding and elastic belt (for custom fit and easy washing)

  • Only stoma guard with no top padding to interfere with ostomy bag filters

  • Only stoma guard with the above features that can go through a metal detector (airports, concerts, sporting events, secure buildings, etc)

  • Only stoma guard with a no hassle 30 Day Money Back Guarantee (exchanges and returns)

  • Only stoma guard that the manufacturer (StomaGear Inc.) is FDA registered (required), manufactured and assembled in a FDA registered, ISO 13485 facility

We go through a lot to create a stoma guard product after listening to thousands of customers, made right here in the USA, and follow all the state and federal regulations.  What you get is a high quality StomaShield with a 30 day money back guarantee.  Click here to learn more.