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Ostomy nurses, surgeons, and medical professionals

Prevention is the best medicine.

Ostomy Nurses, recommend the StomaShield to your patients and they will think you're a hero!  The StomaShield is NOT just for the active patients, but for all ostomy patients.  I get so many emails and phone calls of new ostomy patients that are looking for a solution like the StomaShield.  Sometimes years after their surgery.  Show your patients that the StomaShield provides a solution to solve EVERYDAY issues with living with an ostomy (ileostomy, colostomy, and urostomy) such as wearing pants with a belt, tucking in a shirt, wearing a seat belt safely in the car, heavy ostomy bag support, going back to work, playing with kids or pets in their lap, etc, etc.  Even desk jobs are challenging without being able to wear clothes comfortably with an ostomy bag.  The StomaShield works. I guarantee it or their money back!

Also, show the StomaShield to your surgeons.  Ask them to recommend the hospitals to stock the StomaShield to have on hand for all new ostomy patients.  It will truly help the new ostomy patients transition to a normal life so much faster!

- Brian Hakel, President/CEO of StomaGear, Inc. (ileostomy since 2009)

As seen at the 2014 WOCN Conference in Nashville, TN!

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Nurses or medical professionals, if you would like to receive 20 or more product information postcard, please fill out the form on this page here including your shipping address please.  Let us know how many brochures you need.  We will ship those to you at no cost.  These are great for all your new patients when you hand out information to them!

**Although our brochures are nice and easy to handout.  There is much more information here on our website.  Encourage your ostomy patients to check out our website www.stomagear.com for the most comprehensive information, pictures, videos, sizing guide, testimonials, FAQs, purchasing information, online ordering, etc!  Thanks!

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