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Getting Out There with an Ostomy, Part 2!

Getting Out There with an Ostomy, Part 2!

I love the letters and emails I get from customers who finally feel like they can do what they've been wanting to do.  Playing golf, playing with their child or grandkid, working in the garden, going back to work, playing sports, riding a horse, going on a roller coaster, taking a long road trip, first plane ride since ostomy surgery, etc just to name a few examples.  The StomaShield stoma guard not only protects the stoma, it gives people CONFIDENCE!  Trust me, I know how nerve wracking it can be to live with an ostomy.  I've had an ileostomy since 2009, that's over 9 years.  That's why I made a better stoma guard.  To give me confidence, originally.  Then started making it for others back in 2013.  What a ride it's been since then!

For the first time in months I was able to get out and play some golf with my friends.  Wow it was nice to get out!  The StomaShield performed flawlessly as usual.  Had no problem playing 18 holes with a belt securing my shorts over my StomaShield.  Even though my ostomy bag started filling up quickly, the StomaShield provided security and support just like an ostomy belt.  It holds down the top of the bag around the wafer, keeping it in place, even while it's full and heavy.  Nothing worse than walking around, let alone swinging a golf club, with a full ostomy bag swinging around without support.  The StomaShield does it all.  I had protection, bag support, and able to wear clothes I wouldn't be able to wear

The StomaShield truly is a 3-in-1 device that you can wear all day and night.  Whether you are out playing golf or just trying to get to the store around the corner, the StomaShield is there for you.

Get out there and do what you've been wanting to do. 

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