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Getting out there with an Ostomy!

Getting out there with an Ostomy!

Wherever you live, take advantage of the opportunities around you.  Even with an Ostomy.  For me, living close to the Gulf of Mexico, my friends and I love to fish.  Whether its on a dock in a bay, river, offshore on a boat, or simply wading out into the surf and casting a line.  That's what we did over the weekend.  We got there before sunrise, walked out into the shallow sea, stand on a high spot/sandbar among the surf and see what happens.  

However, with an Ostomy, the waves crashing into your stoma without protection is not comfortable at all.  Waves are heavy and relentless, especially for 4 hours like we did.  Without my StomaShield stoma guard protecting me, it simply wouldn't be fun (or safe) to take a pounding from the surf every few seconds, all morning long.  I ended up having a blast and catching a few speckled trout with my friends.  The StomaShield is quick drying, even after being submerged for 4 hours, just by blotting with a dry towel on the belt and padding.  After getting home and showering, I was ready to go out and spend time with my family.  Easy.  Love how low maintenance the StomaShield is!

The StomaShield, made by StomaGear.com, offers so much versatility.  I cannot imagine living without it.  If you get a chance to read some of our Testimonials on our Testimonial page, you will see I am not the only one who benefits from the StomaShield stoma guard.  Young and old, active and sedentary, everyone with an ostomy finds a benefit to protecting their stoma so they can live their life to the fullest!